About HRM3


The Human Capital Solutions Provider in Asia.


Established in 2000, HRM3 Asia aims to partner our customers to anticipate and respond to changes with the right Human Capital Solutions.


Our services include Executive Search, Outplacement, Company-Wide Career, Succession Planning & Top 5% Talent Review Systems, Executive Coaching & 360° Feedback Process, Facilitating Visioning Exercise, Change Management, Strategic Leadership & Career Workshops; Strategic Performance Management System Development and Human Capital Consulting Services.


We have recruited outstanding talents, assisted several thousands of terminated non-executives and senior executives with career workshops and one-on-one individual outplacement services, provided customized executive coaching programs, facilitated numerous strategic planning and change management workshops, designed and implemented organization transition and strategic leadership development strategies for top teams in local and multi-national companies.



The Human Capital Solutions Provider in Asia

Executive Search

HRM3 partners local and global clients in searching for the best-fit executive talents to contribute positively in critical and important job positions.

We use a time-tested 7-Step Headhunting Process to deliver successful assignments.

Organisational Effectiveness

HRM3 partners with organization leaders to identify “felt needs”, design & develop innovative intervention processes and facilitate customized workshops and programs with various local, regional and global teams to evolve strategic changes, company’s directions and improve overall organizational effectiveness using a 6-Step Conceptual Framework.

Career Transition

HRM3 assists clients in difficult but necessary “manpower rightsizing” exercises to achieve “zero defect”. For outplaced employees, we provide a wide range of 1-on-1 career transition programs for management staff and job search workshops for groups.  For remaining staff, we provide “rebuilding” programs.

Executive Coaching

HRM3 offers personalised executive coaching services for senior leaders facilitated by experienced coaches using a 5-phase process.

HR Tranformation services include HR Audit, on-site support & advisory services.


Wallace Associates: Contact Information


4601 E. DOUGLAS AVE., STE. 311


TEL: 316.558.3706

CEL: 316.214.4274

EMAIL: chris@wallaceassociates.com


Wallace Associates is a locally-owned career management and coaching firm, leveraging over 25 years of business expertise, to provide customized career transition / outplacement, executive coaching, and personal coaching services. Through our partnership with OI Global Partners, we can offer these services through over 200 locally-owned offices in more than 25 countries. For more info, our contact information is here.

Wallace Associates: Global Locations


ARIZONA – Phoenix, Tucson

CALIFORNIA – Glendale, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, Torrance, Woodland Hills


CONNECTICUT – Avon, Danbury, Stamford, Westport

GEORGIA – Alpharetta, Atlanta

ILLINOIS – Chicago

INDIANA – Indianapolis, Evansville

IOWA – Bettendorf, Cedar Rapids, West Des Moines

KANSAS – Wichita

MARYLAND – Annapolis, Frederick, Rockville, Sparks

MASSACHUSETTS – Concord, Boston

MICHIGAN – Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Southfield, Troy

MINNESOTA – Minneapolis


MISSOURI – St. Louis


NEW JERSEY – Metro Park-Edison (Iselin & Princeton), Parsippany, Princeton


NEW YORK – Albany, Buffalo, Jamestown, New York, Tarrytown, West Seneca


OHIO – Beavercreek, Cincinnati, Columbus

OREGON – Portland

PENNSYLVANIA – Allentown, Doylestown, King of Prussia, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh



TENNESSEE – Chattanooga, Jackson, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville, Tri-Cities

TEXAS – Dallas, Austin, San Antonio

UTAH – Salt Lake City

VIRGINIA – Leesburg, Tysons, Washington D.C., Winchester

WASHINGTON – Bellevue, Spokane, Tacoma



North and South America


BRAZIL – São Paulo

CANADA – Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton), British Columbia (Vancouver ), Manitoba (Winnipeg), New Brunswick (Moncton, St. John), Newfoundland (St. John’s), Nova Scotia (Halifax), Ontario (Barrie, Burlington, Kitchener, Markham, Mississauga, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, St. Catherine’s, Thunder Bay, Toronto), Quebec (Montreal, Quebec City), Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon)

CHILE – Santiago


MEXICO – Mexico City

URUGUAY – Montevideo




GERMANY – Hamburg, Munich, Wiesbaden

IRELAND – Dublin, Limerick






SPAIN – Barcelona, Madrid




Asia Pacific

AUSTRALIA – Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth

CHINA – Beijing, Shanghai

HONG KONG – Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan


SINGAPORE – Singapore


Wallace Associates is a locally-owned career management and coaching firm, leveraging over 25 years of business expertise, to provide customized career transition / outplacement, executive coaching, and personal coaching services. Through our partnership with OI Global Partners, we can offer these services through over 200 locally-owned offices in more than 25 countries.


Wallace Associates: Personal Life Coaching

A vessel to move an important person from one place to another.

Personal life coaching involves helping generally well-functioning individuals achieve goals, maximize personal development, and navigate life transitions. It is a unique, highly personalized one-on-one relationship, and is for people who are ready to make changes in their lives and want a trusted partnership in facilitating their process and achieving desired results.

Most often individuals seek to work with a personal life coach because they would like to change, achieve, or create something in their personal lives or careers. More and more people are seeking help from a professional life coach because they choose to create better quality lives, change or enhance their career, increase their choices or options, or enhance their personal relationships. Coaching can help an individual to:

  • Discover personal motivation strategy so goals can be achieved
  • Increase confidence and self esteem
  • Learn new skills to better navigate change in life
  • Identify and change limiting beliefs that prevent moving forward
  • Create compelling goals that align with what is really important in life
  • Create more fulfillment, balance and joy in life

Whatever your current situation, whether you want to accelerate your career, improve your personal or work relationships, develop your interpersonal or leadership skills, or improve your self-confidence, we can help you make it happen. People who invest in themselves welcome the structure, support, feedback, learning and accountability that personal life coaching provides.


Wallace Associates: Executive Coaching

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, organizations must strive harder than ever to maintain a competitive advantage. They need leaders at all levels who can navigate change confidently, develop and execute strategy, build effective teams, and optimize their key strengths. Progressive organizations are providing their leaders with coaching to help them lead and succeed.

An executive coach is an individual who operates within a formally defined coaching agreement to assist an individual within an organization, or an organization, achieve increased performance by utilizing appropriate executive coaching methods. They can be thought of as a “thought partner, a trusted advisor”. Executive coaching may assist key executives and managers to identify and optimize the use of key strengths, develop effective communication, assure organizational alignment, address performance issues, and build the competencies of emotional intelligence. Effective coaching is not in isolation, but within the organization, with cooperation from the person being coached, the manager, peers, and direct reports.

As executive coaching practitioners, we have direct experience demonstrating that this process has a lasting impact on the individuals who participate in it, on the organizations of which are a part, on the organization’s financial bottom line. We understand the important link between business results and the coachee’s actions and behaviors. Coaching is a strong investment that organizations make to drive business results.

At Wallace Associates, we specialize in three areas of executive coaching: Developmental, Performance, and Emerging Leader Coaching.


Individuals who are currently in leadership roles, or may have changed roles, but need to enhance their leadership effectiveness or develop competencies that will facilitate a promotion or new career opportunities. The coaching focus is on examining success factors, meeting current challenges, enhancing interpersonal skills and possibly change specific behaviors. We work on building and sustaining alignment with the organization’s strategy, values, and mission.


Individuals who may or may not be succeeding in their current role, and desire a coach to assist them accelerate or improve their performance. Coaching can help on fine-tuning skills and actions, clarifying goals (both the individual’s and the organization’s), and developing action steps to achieve short-term goals and improved performance. The coaching focus helps people improve in the current context of their career or personal life.


Individuals who are considered high-potential, new to leadership role, or being groomed for a higher profile position. These individuals are high performers with great potential for future leadership roles. The concentration is on self-understanding, organizational and personal insight, skill building, navigation of political issues, and enhancement of leadership skills.


We believe in the value of assessments as an important tool in the coaching process. Assessments can help the individual being coached by increased self-awareness, uncover potential blind sports, understand themselves in relation to others, and develop increased perspective. The skilled use of assessments is clearly a way to bring an empirically validated, value-enhancing tool to the coaching arena. Some of the assessments instruments we use include:

  • MBTI
  • FIRO-B
  • CPI-260
  • Multi-Rater Assessments (360 Feedback, Leadership Practices Inventory)


Wallace Associates: Career Transition / Outplacement

Chris has over 20 years of career management/outplacement experience in the Wichita area and can advise on such topics as the executive job market, changing business trends, new technology in the job search, emerging career fields, economic factors, marketing approaches, self-employment, and particularly, the local job market and network connections.

Today’s business climate demands the very best in professionalism, experience, and sensitivity where outplacement and career management services are concerned.

Outplacement or career management is a consulting service designed to assist organizations through some difficult processes, ranging from termination of a senior executive to major downsizings based on the organization’s long-term strategic needs or downturn in economic conditions.

At Wallace Associates, we understand that downsizing can be a major change for an organization and its employees. Some of the reasons that companies provide outplacement include:

  • To ensure a smooth transition and minimize possible legal action
  • To help the departing employee(s) look forward and not focusing on the past
  • To ease downsizing employees’ stress and start them on the road to re-employment
  • To preserve the company’s reputation as an employer of choice and good corporate citizen
  • Out of a genuine desire to “do the right thing”

Complementing our strong ties to the local Wichita community, we possess a global reach through our affiliation with OI Global Partners, the world’s largest career consulting partnership, with over 200 locally-owned outplacement firms. This association allows us to service national and international projects or individuals. A company only needs to make one phone call and we handle their outplacement needs virtually anywhere in the world. We are the only full service outplacement firm not aligned with a national corporate owned firm, so we can customize programs to meet your needs.


  • One-on-one coaching / consulting
  • Assessments to evaluate strengths, interests, values, and accomplishments
  • Development of self-marketing tools, including resume, references, cover letters
  • How to research the local market and understanding of the hidden job market
  • Building a contact network
  • Effectively using technology in the job search
  • Interview techniques and practice interviewing
  • Negotiating the offer
  • Assimilation and on-boarding tips and techniques


Individual Outplacement Services – A comprehensive program designed for all levels of employees, from senior executives, managers, professionals to administrative support personnel. We provide one-on-one professional support and coaching during the outplacement process. Consultant meetings focus on helping the individual successfully redeploy expertise and skills to achieve career goals as quickly as possible through career assessment instruments, developing a marketing plan, resume development, enhancing interview skills, and negotiating job offers.

Group Outplacement Services – An intensive two-day group workshop that provides participants with the techniques and tools necessary to conduct an effective job search. Resume development, interviewing practice, and local market opportunities are covered.

Spouse/Partner Relocation – Two-career families are the norm today, and career help with the “trailing” spouse/partner is essential for relocating new or transferring employees. We offer job search assistance, including research prior to the move, coaching and networking support after.

On-Site Notification Support – On the day of the notification meeting, we are on-site to meet with manager(s) and Human Resources to provide coaching and review logistical issues. Immediately after being notified, we will meet with released employees to provide emotional support and explain outplacement assistance.